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SOCKS4 doesn't support authentication while SOCKS5 has the built-in mechanism to support a variety of authentications methods.

- SOCKS4 doesn't support UDP proxy while SOCKS5 does.

- SOCKS4 clients require full support of DNS while SOCKS5 clients can rely on SOCKS5 virtual private server to perform the DNS lookup.

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Timeout: 5s

[Socks 4 List (70)]   LT   297ms   US   421ms   US   438ms   US   484ms   US   484ms   US   500ms   US   547ms   US   547ms   CA   562ms   US   563ms   US   578ms   US   578ms   US   593ms   FR   609ms   US   641ms   US   657ms   US   671ms   US   703ms   US   765ms   US   797ms   US   829ms   US   844ms   US   860ms   US   875ms   US   907ms   US   907ms   US   969ms   US   985ms   US   1047ms   GR   1047ms   CO   1062ms   JP   1187ms   US   1188ms   US   1203ms   AU   1360ms   US   1438ms   CN   1516ms   US   1516ms   CN   1594ms   US   1625ms   US   1625ms   CN   1687ms   CN   1687ms   RU   1688ms   CN   1718ms   CN   1797ms   US   1860ms   IN   2063ms   US   2063ms   CN   2079ms   US   2094ms   CN   2141ms   US   2219ms   US   2312ms   US   2422ms   US   2687ms   JP   2688ms   US   2765ms   US   2797ms   US   2860ms   CN   3109ms   CA   3750ms   US   4375ms   US   4515ms   US   4797ms   CN   5797ms   US   6593ms   US   6860ms   US   7250ms   VN   9656ms


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