3CX Vs Asterisk – A Brief Comparison

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The term VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Also known as a SIP phone or a Soft phone, this technology allows the users to make calls over an Internet. The calls in a VoIP technology are transmitted or passed through the internet instead of the conventional Public Switch Telephone Network. The calling equipment used in this technology could be a software powered Soft phone, specifically designed devices which look much similar to a cordless phone or traditional phones with Analog Telephone Adapters. There are several service providers of VoIP, but now, let’s take a look at the two competing providers named – 3CX and Asterisk. 


This Windows oriented Internet Protocol is one of the most popular VoIP PBX platforms in the world. The major advantage of this platform is that, it is Windows based; it uses something that we are used to and are familiar with. Here are some of the advantages of using a 3CX platform:

Compatibility with Windows:
The compatibility feature of 3CX PBX makes it one of the favorite voice platforms. This can be easily integrated with several Microsoft applications such as Outlook, CRM, Exchange and much more.

Easy integration with Property Management software:
Property Management Software or the PMS as we know can be very well integrated with 3CX. This facilitates the front desk associates to easily track, retrieve and present the guest bills with utmost accuracy. This feature has made 3CX, a very popular in the hospitality industry.

While, the Apps for Apple’s iOS are still under development, feature rich VoIP Apps are being offered by 3CX for Android powered Smartphone. This allows the users to make VoIP calls from their Smartphone or tablets from wherever they are.

Developed by Digium, this open-source-cross-platform PBX software can run on any operating systems like Linux, Mac, UNIX, BDS and even windows. The company also deals with the sales of the peripherals need to establish a VoIP phone system. Apart from being extremely affordable, Asterisk has the following advantages:

Perhaps, this is the biggest advantages of Asterisk over 3CX. This not only helps the corporate in cutting down their overhead costs, but is incredibly beneficial for startups and smaller firms who cannot afford to spend much in setting up a real-environment office.

No complex peripheral required:
Being an open source, asterisk doesn’t require any complex hardware to run. It can easily function on a conventional desktop or PC, but the only additional requirement will be an extension slot for attaching the Public Switch cables.

No matter if you use an open source version or a market version, Asterisk lends its support to any people who have troubles in setting it up. Digium itself offers a comprehensive support to its offers by

  • Providing a complete online guide and tutorial of some of the common troubleshoots
  • An interactive forum where the users can query their issues and get it resolved from the suggestions of other users or developers.
  • Offering commercial help that are applicable of charges

    It would be fairer to regard this post as a summary of advantages of these products rather than regarding them as a comparison. Any software has its own strong feature, which it relies on and markets with that as spine. So, choose the one that suits your purpose and get the best out of it.

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