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In November, 2011 we posted an article about hotfreevpn. Now their free service is down. It’s not a strange thing. Fast VPN service must be running on a dedicated server. Free VPN service requires a lot of bandwidth. It’s expensive to rent such a dedicated server. If the VPN service provider can’t make enough money to cover the rental of the dedicated server, they will have to shut down the free service. A free VPN may be shut down for some users using the free VPN for bt, p2p and spam activities. So please don’t use free VPN for bt, p2p and spam activities. 


Since Hotfreevpn is down, here are 5 alternatives:

1. FreeVPNToday.com

FreeVPNToday.com provides free PPTP VPN. They have server located in the U.S. and Sweden. The U.S. server hostname is us.freevpntoday.com and the Sweden server hostname is ch.freevpntoday.com. Please visit their website at http://www.freevpntoday.com for details.

2. NLfreevpn.com

This is a free PPTP VPN. The server is located in the Netherlands. Please visit their website at http://www.nlfreevpn.com for details.

3. Vpnour.com

Vpnour.com provides multiple country VPN service. Servers are located in the USA, Switzerland and Estonia. The VPN is PPTP type. Please visit their website at http://www.vpnour.com for details.

4. SSHour.com

SSH tunnel is also a secure tunnel to protect your online privacy. It is a good alternative to VPN tunnel. What SSHour.com is providing is PPTP VPN service, not SSH service. They have servers located in Fremont, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle and Kansas of USA and servers located in Switzerland and Estonia. Please visit their website at http://www.sshour.com for details.

5. freevpn.cc

This website is written in Arabic. It’s Iran’s human rights committee founded VPN to anti network inspection and to combat filtering. The VPN server is in the United States. They are offering free VPN proxy services. If you can read Arabic, please visit their website at http://hraicp.com for more info.

The free VPNs listed above are PPTP VPN type. If you are on Windows operating system, please read PPTP VPN for Windows for the step by step setup guide. Any feedback on these VPNs are welcome.



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