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I am a normal internet phone user trying to get the best VoIP service at the minimum possible cost. However, all these years of struggle has only brought me to one conclusion, that you cannot have everything perfect in your life. Today, I am going to review Axvoice, a VoIP phone service offering its services in the US and Canada. I usually rate a phone service for the value that it offers me against the money I invested in it. Let us see how far Axvoice can go in justifying the investment I made in it. 


Well, to be honest, I actually thought of switching to an internet phone service after my landline phone bill climbed up to unreachable limits. This was the time that I decided, that I must replace my landline phone with internet phone. Cost considerations are important because they directly affect your phone call volumes. During all these years, I learnt one thing the hard way that you should not sign up for a VoIP service that advertises low and charges you more. Axvoice rates seem to be competitive, but after using their service I know that they only charge what they advertise, no hidden charges levied.

Call plans
Call plans are part of the overall service package. More call plans mean more options for the customers to choose from. As a customer,I want a service which offers me enough options to get a plan which suits my needs and affordability. I don’t want a phone service for which I have to adjust my calling needs and budget, because that won’t mean a pocket friendly comprehensive internet phone service.

Service features
Service features are part and parcel of the overall package any VoIP service offers. Pricing means a lot in terms of service features offered. I have found very few internet phone providers that offer all the service features in their basic call plans. Most of them divide features into basic and advanced, so that they can charge for the features categorized as advanced. While in case of Axvoice, I didn’t find any segregation as all the features had been offered within the call plans offered, no extra charges for advanced features as well.

Installation process
Installation is also of key importance especially for people who are not that technology oriented. Many VoIP providers do not offer that easy-to-handle equipment which creates all sorts of problems for the customers. Axvoice offers simple to understand and use configuration like many other VoIP services. I didn’t have any problem installing or operating it.

After sale support
There is a live chat support option available with Axvoice. Although many people do not prefer live chat support but I personally see it better at times especially when it takes a lot of time to get the technical support online.

Softphone support
Well to my ignorant service-oriented customer mind, I should be able to use my internet phone service on my mobile and computer. Few services out there offer this kind of support. Axvoice offers softphone support so I can install it on my mobile and PC.
Well, there are many services out there like Axvoice, but I must admit that they are transparent in their dealings, offer a reasonable customer support, and have a good quality call.

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The article is written by Robert Showerman. The author is writing on VoIP industry since a decade.


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