Benefits of VoIP and its different types

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Internet phone service is an excellent yet better replacement of landline phone. It is not only better in technology but in many other aspects. Internet phone is a lot less costly to use as it uses a technology which solely relies on internet unlike landline phone which uses the typical cellular network.
Internet phone services offer very low calling rates to their subscribers. You can enjoy making nationwide calls with the call plans specifically tailored for customers that have to make calls in the US and Canada. Some VoIP providers like Axvoice also offer very low international call rates to make cheap VoIP calls worldwide. Cost is just one benefit that internet phone offers.

Service features are also a key characteristic of the internet phone. You can find all the latest features without any additional charges when you subscribe to any good VoIP provider. Landline phone service providers do not offer any advanced features, instead what they offer are just the basic phone features. Some of the advanced features that internet phone can offer include caller ID, anonymous call rejection, blacklisting, online account management, email alerts, voicemail management and many others.

Internet phone because of its reliance on a superior technology for communication delivers a much more robust phone service which has a lot more reliability then the landline phone service. Apart from increase reliability internet phone also offers crystal clear voice quality which also improves the overall usage experience of this type of phone service.
Apart from some of the benefits of internet phone mentioned above, it also offers the portability of the phone. You can use your internet phone anywhere in the world by just connecting it with a fast internet connection. There isn’t any other requirement that you need to fulfill. Let us now discuss the different types of internet phone service.

PC based VoIP

The first kind of VoIP that we are going to discuss is the PC based VoIP. This type of internet phone service uses the computer instead of any other type of equipment. You just need to install the software provided by your VoIP provider on your PC to use this service. You need to ensure that your PC has a sound card which is properly installed with the latest drivers and your PC is connected with headset that has mic to make and receive phone calls. Skype is one such popular service which provides PC based VoIP. Many other PC based internet phone providers are available in the market nowadays.

ATA based VoIP

This kind of internet phone uses special equipment called ATA which converts analog signals into digital signals and digital signals back to analog. A lot of VoIP providers offer ATA based VoIP. This equipment needs to be connected with internet connection at one end and internet line at the other end. You need to have electricity to connect the adapter of the ATA and make your phone work.

Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP is a new kind of internet phone in which software called softphone is installed on a cell phone and that cell phone can be used as VoIP phone by connecting it to a wireless internet connection. For this you need to have the availability of the wireless internet connection to connect your mobile phone to it and use your mobile VoIP. 


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