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We all know international calling rates are really high. And It’s very expensive to talk to your love if she (or he) is in another country. To stay connected with your love, people need to find an alternative out to compete the traditional physical phone line. We all know that voip calling is a very good solution to this problem. By using voip, we could save money. 


What is PHONE4YOU?
PHONE4YOU is an open to all, free telephone system, which is based on advanced VoIP technology. The aim of this network is to serve as an alternative to fixed telephone lines, providing lower prices, greater opportunities and maximum accessibility to all.

PHONE4YOU is a newly emerged company with its base located in South Africa. By this time,Phone4you allows free international calls to 40 countries and offers new users a South African phone number( South African DID or DDI). You can configure this South African DID in your Eyebeam or other SIP Client to receive incoming calls.

What are the ways to use PHONE4YOU?
The easiest way to take advantage of Phone4you is through their Web Phone, which is located at Other options are to have the phone software or specialised hardware. For the convenience of users who have no hardware, they can download the pre-configure software for their phone number from the download menu, identified by number and password.

Steps to Make Free International Calls With Phone4you

1. Please visit Phone4you official website at Please use a valid email address to register an account.
2. You will receive an email from Phone4you. Check your email address and confirm your signup.
3. Your Phone4you account will be established in seconds and you will get a new email from Phone4you.
4. Login into your Phone4you account, first you will see your account information. Click “Web Phone”. Once the connection is successful, enter number with international format,namely,00+country code+phone number. Example: South Africa: 00 27 11 123 4567.
5. Please make sure your destination number is in the Phone4you country list.
6. Press “Call” button. The maximum length of each call duration is 5 minute.
7. There is a SIP information in the Phone4you email. You can configure this SIP information in your Eyebeam softphone or other softphones


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