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Many of our readers come to our site from search engines. They don’t read the posts in our VPN Tutorial category. Some of them don’t know how to create a VPN connection on their computers. Since PPTP VPN is the most popular VPN type, we decide to make a free VPN connection file for our readers to download. If you are using VPN service in Windows you can download and use this free VPN connection file. The file you’ll download is freevpnservers.pbk

Using VPN on your Windows based computer is very easy with freevpnservers.pbk. Here are the step by step guide:

1. Right click Here and select “Save Link As…” to download vpnsurfing.pbk and save the file to your desktop. If your web browser is NOT Firefox and Google Chrome, please right click the link and select “Save Target As…”.

2. Double click on the vpnsurfing.pbk file on your desktop. An application will start.

3. In the vpnsurfing.pbk there are five free VPN for your choice. They are:

Select a free VPN from the list and click “Connect”. If you select “”, you will need to visit in your web browser to get the VPN password. These free VPN service providers change their VPN password time to time. The newest working VPN password is needed in Step 4.

4. A new window will appear. Enter the password you got in Step 3. The username has been saved in the vpnsurfing.pbk file.

5. Click on “Connect”, and your computer will now connect to the VPN server. You can visit and check if your IP address has been changed after connecting to the VPN server.

6. To disconnect the VPN, please double click vpnsurfing.pbk on your desktop and click “Disconnect”.

We have tested this vpnsurfing.pbk on Windows XP and it works great! If you have problem opening vpnsurfing.pbk file on your system, please leave a comment.

Update: We have create a free download page, please visit our free download page to download. Some Windows 7 users may get an error message while opening our .pbk file. There is a solution link in our free download page.


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