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[ 0 ] August 30, 2012 | provides customers with free and paid VPN service. VPN is a secured encrypted channel which can protect your online privacy and protect against remote attacks. With the VPN, you can get full direct access to any Internet segment regardless of your ISPs limitations. offers both PPTP and OpenVPN service. The benefits of using VPNeo are the following:

1. Vpneo has multiple servers located in the US, Canada, UK and NL.
2. Complete privacy of your Internet actvity, even from your ISP.
3. Being absolutely protected in public service networks such as Wi-Fi public areas, hotels, cruises, cyber cafes, schools and universities, otherwise your e-mail, ftp, on-line banking and e-shops access passwords could be easily stolen by culprits.
4. Open access to you to any even blocked transfer protocols such as VoIP/ SMTP/ POP3/ IMAP4/ FTP/ SSH/ HTTP/ HTTPS/ ICQ/ TORRENT/ P2P, any social networks websites and services.
5. Easily enjoy Online Poker and other games.
6. Protection against attacks on your DNS, phishing, nuking, DDoS and other popular attacks.
7. Secure high speed connection to any Internet resources.
8. Keeping your real IP and DNS completely hidden.

How to use VPNeo PPTP VPN Service?

1. Please visit and create a new account.
2. You account password will be emailed to you in minutes.
3. Log into Vpneo member area. There is a link to active your free trial. The trial will be expired in 3 hours.
4. When your trial is active, you will see your VPN user name and password. The VPN password is not your Vpneo account password. The PPTP VPN server address can be found in the member area.

vpneo free pptp vpn

5. Follow our step by step guide to setup a PPTP VPN connection on your computer. PPTP VPN Setup For Windows

You can also download Vpneo portable PPTP VPN tool from the member area. With the tool, you don’t need to manually setup the VPN connection.

How to use VPNeo OpenVPN Service?

1. If you don’t have Openvpn program installed on your computer, you need to download and install Openvpn first.
2. Download and unzip config files to the folder where OpenVPN is. In Windows, the path is C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config.
vpneo openvpn

3. Launch OpenVPN GUI. Right-Click on the OpenVPN GUI icon in your system tray and choose a server and port to connect.
vpneo openvpn

There is no doubt that PPTP VPN is the easiest protocol to set up and use. But there is also a tangible drawback since it works via port:1723 using GRE, which is its major weakness. In some corners of the world major Internet Service Providers (or ISPs) as well as corporate firewalls disable port:1723 and GRE which makes the PPTP connection incompatible. You can choose Vpneo OpenVPN service to get around the blocking.



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