How Internet Plays A Role In Smooth Functioning of A VoIP Phone

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Do you know what a VoIP phone really is? If you are amongst those who do not know anything about internet phone, then you are not new. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. There is a special protocol that is used to send and receive voice in the form of data. This technology is different from the old landline phone system in many ways. First it does not use the analog signaling system, instead it uses digital signals. Secondly, it uses internet instead of the pole and wire system to send and receive voice calls. 


There are different ways in which you can use the VoIP phone service. One way of using VoIP is through a PC to PC phone service. In this service all you need to have is the software required for the VoIP installed on your PC and you are all set to make and receive phone calls. You will need to have a headset which should have speakers to listen to incoming phone calls and a mic to speak into. This is the earliest form of a VoIP phone and still being used by many internet phone users.

ATA based VoIP is the second kind of internet phone service common in use. Axvoice, Packet 8, Vonage and many other leading internet phone service providers offer this kind of phoning facility.The difference between the ATA based VoIP and PC based VoIP is that, in this you don’t need to have a PC. There is a VoIP ATA which is connected with internet on one side and a phone on the other side.

The last type of VoIP phone which is still not very common is mobile VoIP. In this case software is installed on a smart phone and that smart phone is connected to a wireless internet connection. This way you are able to use all the facilities of a VoIP phone on your smart phone.

Internet places an important role in the smooth functioning of an internet phone. Internet is the only means through which all voice data is exchanged. PC based VoIP or VoIP ATA, both use the internet line to make or receive phone calls. On the other hand, a mobile VoIP uses the wireless internet connection near it to connect to a VoIP service.

There are different kinds of internet connections available out there. Finding the right internet connection for your internet phone service is extremely important in enjoying a trouble free phone service. Many times people make the mistake of blindly trusting their internet service provider. This is not the right way to select an ISP for your internet phone service.

You should always keep in mind that an internet connection is usually not only used for the internet phone service but simultaneously has other purposes as well. Therefore, the first thing is to ask your VoIP provider the type of internet connection which will suffice your phone needs. Always get an internet connection which is faster than your requirements so you are comfortably able to run your phone service as well as all other programs.

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