How To Connect To SSH Tunnel With iSSH-improved

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While SSH Tunnel Manager is better than Terminal for you to manage multiple SSH tunnel accounts, you need to enter passwords every time.

Instead, you can check out iSSH-improved, which is also a free app for you to connect your SSH tunnels on Mac OS X, but automatically without entering passwords every time.

After downloading the "" file, you can extract it to a "iSSH" file, and double-click to launch the application.

After launch, click the "Preference"  option in the drop menu of the app icon on the top menu bar of your Mac OS X desktop, then you can start to add your SSH tunnel account, as what you can see from the following image:


As default, you only need to enter the following 4 elements to add a SSH tunnel account:

  • Remote Address: Server address, such as "";
  • Port: Such as "9999";
  • Username: Such as "onlybird";
  • Password: The password for the username.

The above example values are all from an Onlybird account, you will need to change them according to your own SSH tunnel account.

After that, you can click the "Connect" option in the drop menu of the iSSH-improved application icon and connect to your SSH tunnel.

Besides, you can also choose to start the application when your Mac OS X launches, and/or to connect automatically when the application launches.

But, when the connection is failed, reconnection will happen, even though you have unchecked this feature, and there may be also an error window, as what you can see from the following image:

iSSH-improved error

The above error window will keep appear even though you have closed it, until the reconnection is successful or the Mac OS X system is restarted.

Although the reconnection error is boring, iSSH-improved is easier for you to manage one SSH tunnel anyway, but to manage multiple ones, SSH Tunnel Manager is better.


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