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[ 0 ] February 13, 2014 |

The provider introduced a new website, there is not a wall, but it is worth saying that the foreigner does not provide the same as before the free U.S. vpn, but for a friend in the wall provides a view of domestic free vpn server site, the site in terms of personal feeling back to the 1990s, which is to Guards ah. 

If you need free vpn abroad do not despair, you can go directly to the official website privatevpn other U.S. vpn provider, has introduced the following figure, saying the topic: 

Address: best vpn china

VPN Protocol: PPTP VPN pptp protocol support any device 


VPN Username: vpn123 account name 

VPN Password: click get password Click to enter a password to get 

VPN Bandwidth: 10Mbps Up / Down server speed, evidently domestic bandwidth is still missing, is not powerful Americans 

See diagram below instructions:






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