Los Angeles server – free vpn server

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Los Angeles room gigabit high-speed physical fiber direct access to the U.S. backbone network routing switch, the total bandwidth of 40G, and ensure high-speed reliable redundant line structure. Hosted the Los Angeles class room facilities, two mains, owned generators and UPS multiple power guarantee. Central air-conditioning temperature and humidity, and deliver safe and reliable gas fire fighting system, professional and technical personnel to provide 24 * 7 carrier-class professional technical support. Domain and the engine room to five years and never had any lost equipment. Hosting room strict access control system to ensure the safety of users managed device.

Los Angeles server – free vpn server
PPTP/L2TP/L2TP IPSec – 100Mbps
IPv4 connection address:
IPv6 connectivity address: 2001:67 c: 2b0: db32: 0:1: c694: 7090
User name: vpnyou
Password: vpnyou
IPSec key: vpnyou

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