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SumRando is a new VPN service provider. They are in beta test now and everyone can use Sumrando VPN service for free. By using OpenVPN technology, SumRando makes your online experience truly private. OpenVPN provides the best VPN performance and the highest encryption for VPN connections. This VPN protocol is extremely fast and reliable on high-latency networks. OpenVPN encrypts and sends packets via UDP or TCP as opposed to a traditional tunneling protocol via GRE like PPTP uses. When using TCP, Open VPN is proud to boast that in the event of a lost connection, you won’t simply drop packets and be thrown back on the internet. This is undoubtedly important to many who have high security concerns. 


To use Sumrando VPN, first you need to download and install their client software. Currently their client software only works on Windows system. You can register a new account when you run Sumrando for the first time. Please use a valid email address because you need to confirm your signup by clicking a link in the email they send to you.

Log into Sumrando client software. You can connect to a VPN server from the list. Currently they are launching with VPN nodes in India, Sweden and New York.

SumRando VPN

When you are notified that you are connected through SumRando, your internet experience is now fully encrypted. If anyone attempts to hack into your traffic whether you connect from your local coffee shop, airport or even at home, your data will be untouchable. Feel free to login to your webmail, chat or social media. Your personal, private information is kept behind an adamant shield.

Also worth mentioning is that your IP address is no longer tied to you. It is now just a random IP. If someone is monitoring activity to website that you visit, instead of identifying you, strangers, thieves and other undesirables see information that is not attributable to you.

The data transfer limit for a Sumrando free user is 10GB per month. SumRando only keeps track of how much data you use. They don’t keep logs of what you are doing. Your content and destinations are your business alone.

Sumrando is in beta and it is free now. Try it today before they become a premium only VPN.



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