Video and audio sites through the use of DNS tunnel, bypass regional blockade

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Many great websites stream video and audio as an alternative to a traditional TV/Cable/SAT service. Some are subscription based, like Netflix and Hulu Plus. Others are pay per view, like Vudu. And some are free, such as Hulu, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the BBC. There’s only one catch. They’re generally only available in one country.

Do you want to stream video or audio from U.S.-based on-demand Internet streaming media providers but can’t get in on the fun because you’re living outside the U.S.? Besides U.S. VPN and proxy server, you can try DNS tunnel service provided by sites like and
How does DNS tunnel work? (or does not provide a virtual private network (VPN). It is a DNS (domain name system) unblocking service. They’re using sophisticated technologies to re-adress certain data envelopes, tricking the receiver into thinking the envelope originated from within the U.S. For these data envelopes, Tunlr is transparently creating a network tunnel from your location to our U.S.-based servers. Any data that’s not directly related to the video or music content providers which Tunlr supports is not only left untouched, it’s also not even routed through Tunlr. In order to use Tunlr, you will have to change the DNS address.
Difference between DNS tunnel and VPN
VPN service can help you unblock more sites. DNS tunnel service can only help you bypass certain websites. Facebook is block in China and some counties. You can access Facebook from China by using a VPN service. You can access Hulu from China if you have a U.S. VPN. You can also use Tunlr to access Hulu from China too. But Facebook is not a supported site in Tunlr, you would not be able to access Facebook from China by changing you DNS server to Tunlr.
How to Set My DNS Server?
For Tunlr, The primary (preferred) DNS IP address is The secondary (alternate) DNS IP address is
Sites Providing DNS Tunnel Service
1. – Free
2. – One week free trial
3. – 8 day free trial
4. – Free in beta test
National broadcasting websites are only available in their country of origin. Thankfully, there’s now an immediate and easy answer. And you just discovered it!


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