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To block sites you don't like, you can install the Chrome extension TinyFilter as mentioned before.

The following will show you another similar extension — Idderall, which is available for you to block sites in a funny way on your Firefox browser.

After installation, you can follow the 6-step instructions to add blocked sites, to schedule the block time, and to choose an unblock way step by step.

Comparing to TinyFilter, Idderall has the following 3 obvious advantages:

I. 3 ways to unblock

3 ways to unblock

If you need to get access to blocked sites or to change your settings, you will suffer from one of the following 3 deterrents:

1. Email

You can enter a friend's email address, then Idderall will send the unblock password to it.

2. Facebook

When connecting to your Facebook account, Idderall will post something that maybe embarrass you on your timeline.

3. PayPal

You can also set an amount of money you would like to donate to the extension author, and pay it via PayPal when you give up.

Among the above 3 deterrents, the first one will be harmless if you are using your own email address instead of your friend's, the second one will embarrass you mostly, and the third one will lost your money.

II. 2 ways to block

How To Block Sites With Idderall

To block a website, you can add its domain to any group of the block list on the Settings page, or select the "Quick Block" option by clicking on the extension icon on the Add-on bar.

III. No way to give up without deterrent

1 way to regeret

When there is any active block, you can't disable the extension, even although you can remove it, the block settings will be still workable when you reinstall it during the scheduled time.

Bonus: How to hack Idderall

If you REALLY want to access a blocked site but not to suffer from deterrents, you can reinstall your Firefox, but remember to back up your bookmarks and extensions first, or you will lost everything stored on the browser.



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